Francis Louvis
Steel, Check Valves, Vinyl Hose, Quick Disconnect Fittings, Exciter
2021 - Present

1. Foreign and Domestic - July 2023

This is an honoring vessel. When one breathes through the detachable tube, a series of vales open, allowing the box to fill with breath. Breathing stops and valves close, holding the exhalation indefinitely. This act, of  putting part of oneself inside the box, is a moment in which an intention can be set, in which there is a valorization among all present of the individual who is taken up by the box. This intention is discussed beforehand by the administrator of the act and the breather—and shared with the other participants when appropriate. 

Both during the ceremony of breathing-in and in events afterwards, there is sound resonating throughout the box. An audio exciter attached to the front of the box allows music and/or speech to radiate through the interioriority, steel walls and the general environment.

The intention set in the ceremony is not limited in its impact to those present during the breathing-in. For example, in the case of a loved one whose late relative is contained within, the opportunity exists to play a song or speak through the box. In the case of an incarcerated individual who has breathed into the box, the same opportunity, to cross physical boundaries and convene with the breather-in, is afforded to family or friends in posession of the box.

The breath can be held inside the box in perpetuity.
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